Tiny Tim vs. Al Gore?

So Tiny Tim was the father of the global warming movement? Yeah, that fits. Make sure you at least make it to the chorus where he starts screaming "The Icecaps are meltin Oh-oh-oh-oh-OOOOOOOh!"

But you've got to decide who's crazier? Tiny Tim is the obvious kind of bonkers that you see on street corners and cross the street to avoid whereas Al Gore is the more dangerous kind of looney that isn't immediately apparent and you don't know he's flipped until he's sitting in your living room eating your Chinese food and lecturing you that your freezer's running too high.

So compare Gore's performance with Tiny Tim's and tell me who you think is crazier.

Now, you tell me how Tiny Tim's performance is any more embarassing or less looney than this:

Two walk into the cage. Only one walks out. You decide. Who is crazier?

HT to Moonbattery


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  1. What a complete fuckwit. On the other hand Tiny Tim was quite amusing.

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  3. "Who is crazier?"

    Can we have both committed, preferably in the same cell.

    Thanks for your insightful and valuable contribution roy.

  4. You know, I can usually turn the other way when I come across blog posts I do not agree with. A reasonable discussion of opposing ideals is not something you would be interested in, I know. Such an obnoxious comparison of a great man with a radical environmentalist will not be stood for, however. Tiny Tim was a great musical archivist and entertainer, and his memory should not be mocked in such a way. That said, have a nice day.


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