Political correctness and its enablers

Herald Sun - CIVIL rights of young inmates have overtaken common sense in juvenile justice as staff are subjected to constant assault, a former staff member claims. They cannot even raise their voice in retaliation, former unit manager Colin Richardson says. In recent weeks, a pregnant officer at the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre was threatened with death by an inmate and another officer lost two front teeth in an assault. "Nobody gets charged. And if you yell at an inmate you get stood down," Mr Richardson said.

Metal detectors and strip searches were banned, so drugs and weapons were common inside the centre. He said of about 140 officers at the centre, he believed up to 70 per cent had made injury or stress-related WorkSafe Claims. "They can't even isolate inmates if they misbehave - it's all about rewarding good behaviour with things like takeaways and outings," Mr Richardson said. "And this is the breeding ground for inmates to go onto bigger and worse things." He said youth officers gave the inmates too much trust, when many were locked up for serious crimes. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.
Read an article here about the cover-up of ethnic crime by police and their political masters in Victoria. The question we have to ask ourselves before we start ranting and raving at the pc-scum who enable and encourage such destructive behavior is, who put them in charge. From the top down in Australia, it's the left of politics that's running the show, it's labor and I'm sorry to say this, they didn't mount a military coup and take over or something, they were voted in by us. And what's worse, this isn't some fad or temporary pot-induced high, we've been voting for these worthless bastards over and over.

We'd better figure out our ass from our elbow soon folks, otherwise we'll be lying in hospital with missing teeth and a leaking lung, only to watch a news report on the evening news about some obscure altercation and how the ethnics are doing so very well, multi-culti melting pot, kumbaya, move along.

And we should ask ourselves, why are we constantly relying on our politicians to keep us safe when they just can't or won't.


  1. MK, our politicians are only interested in keeping us safe from ourselves. No guns for you law-abiding folks; you might shoot. And don't even think about eating that 35% fat meat pie loaded with salt.

  2. Oh yeah, i'm surprised they even let us eat meat pies anymore, i suppose they probably want to ban them but feel it's far too risky to try that sort of crazy shit, at least not in an election year.

  3. we never get to vote demmocracticly any way,, all candidates of ALL party,s are screened by PC commitee.s for PC values,s , same as the Nazi and communists did,, you vote for a PC canditate no matter who you vote for,,, so much for democracy


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