A step in the right direction on refugees

The Australian - ...In an attempt to capitalise on rising community anger at the continued flow of boats which have brought 2805 asylum-seekers to Australia so far this year, the Coalition will unveil a suite of measures harden its border security credentials. At the heart of those measures is a new, tougher class of temporary protection visa to be issued to all unauthorised asylum-seekers.

...Refugees whose visas were extended for more than a year would have full access to services such as Medicare and language training as well as work rights. But anyone unable to find a job could be required to work under a mutual obligation arrangement similar to the work-for-the-dole scheme for domestic jobseekers. "One of the best ways to help (refugees) is to get them into work," Mr Morrison said.
Exactly right, if I were a refugee who arrived in a country and was provided all these services, I would want to try and give something back. Not only will this give them some self-pride, it'll also be a signal to the citizens of this country that refugees are not just here to sponge off us, but to do something in return.

I believe that what angers most Australians is that people who are not real refugees are sneaking in via the back door and they are being allowed to sponge off us without working or doing a damn thing in return. It's almost as if the leftist government is more concerned about importing illegals than spending our money wisely and on what we want. That is simply not fair and the above looks like it might go a long way to address our legitimate concerns.

This ought to win the support of pro-illegals too, I'm sure they would be thrilled at the idea of more people working to better the community and putting something back into the country, unless off course they just think that non-white refugees are too stupid to work or something.


  1. This is a good example of how Abbott is willing to risk his political capital on taking tough decisions, ie ones that really are tough. No one wants to see genuine refugees put through further travail, but an effective off-shore detention centre is an empty off-shore detention centre. It will stop the boats. The only boats Krunt has managed to stop are the bulk ore-carriers with his idiotic mining tax.

  2. Indeed it is ar, and just on the mining tax, it looks like krunt is going to have to weasel out of it soon, before his own party will blow him out of the water. Proves yet again that this fool is governing on the run, or should i say, on the tweet.

  3. Excellent timing. This will result in a huge surge of criminal aliens trying to beat the election in November. This is the one and only time I actually hope to see many more arrivals over the next few months. I`m sure the stories of tropical hotels and tax payer funded shopping trips have reached their countries by now. With any luck, there will be a massive surve of these criminals over the next few months, showing Australia what KRudd's policies have lead to.

    One thing that dissapoints me is that there have now been over 150 of these criminal killed when their boats sank. While I do fell bad that these people died, the fact is that Rudd's policies are to blame, and the incompetant Libs should be out there blaming Rudd for their deaths, can calling for a royal commission and potential man slaughter charges.


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