Eat sh!t and die fascist councils

Daily Mail - New speed cameras will be dramatically blocked today under government plans to win over motorists and save the taxpayer money. Chancellor George Osborne is planning to scrap grants worth tens of millions that are handed to local councils each year to fund new speed traps, the Daily Mail has learned. In the past decade, the number of cameras has trebled, making Britain the speed camera capital of Europe. But many motorists believe they are installed to raise money rather than to reduce speed and cut the risk of accidents. In 2001 there were 1,571 speed traps, but the most recent figures suggest that the total had risen to 4,309 by 2007. Germany has 3,000 cameras, Italy has fewer than 2,000 and France under 1,000. But road deaths have declined more slowly in Britain than in many other European countries in recent years, while drink-driving deaths have become more common.
This is wonderful news, finally after years and years of living in terror from those bastard nazi scum at local councils, motorists in Britain finally have a reprieve. Now I've never driven there or experienced the wrath of their councils, but I can tell you from experience here that I have no love or respect for local councils or government and their speed cameras. I'm sure they feel the same way or worse given how many of the wretched things they have. Cop on the road I have no problem with, but the cold, indifferent metal shitbox taking pictures and screwing over motorists, those things and their operators can eat sh!t and die.

When you're pulled over by a cop you can tell him, look the missus is in the hospital, lot on my mind, I wasn't drag racing or something, give me a break and if he's not a bastard he'll let you off with a warning. But good luck trying that with the metal shitbox and the bureaucratic scum that operate and administer it. So I'll raise a glass of single-malt to this Osborne fellow tonight, thank you, thank you good sir and I hope that they continue to starve the fascist beast that is local councils in Britain. And in case they didn't get my thoughts on them, eat sh!t and die fascist councils.


  1. State governments rather than local councils run speed traps in NSW. Cops run the mobile traps, the RTA runs the fixed cameras.

    Too bad there weren't sign-posted cameras in Ken's of Kensington - our Roads minister may still have a job if he knew he would get photographed.

  2. Don't get me started on those verminous pustules at the state debt recovery office.


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