No free speech for supporters of terrorism

We read:
"As everyone knows, the First Amendment guarantees the fundamental right of freedom of speech from infringement at the hands of U.S. officials. But ever since 9/11, there has been an important limitation placed on such freedom. While Americans are still free to condemn U.S. aggression abroad, the U.S. Empire does not permit Americans to exhort foreign citizens to resist U.S. foreign aggression with violence. If U.S. officials suspect that an American citizen is exhorting foreigners to resist U.S. aggression abroad, they wield the power to do one of three things to that citizen:

1. Treat him as a criminal defendant by indicting and prosecuting him in U.S. District Court for supporting terrorism. If they can establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant encouraged foreigners to resist U.S. aggression with violence, they can secure a criminal conviction that will result in a mandatory life sentence in a federal penitentiary.


The above is written by a libertarian who opposes U.S. wars abroad, as the majority of libertarians do and as American conservatives traditionally did. So the language is a bit inflammatory. But he does point out an important truth: That SOME limits on free speech have always been accepted. You are not free to libel people for instance.

And all countries that I know of do not allow support for the enemy in time of war. And America is clearly at war with fundamentalist Muslims, even if Eric Holder refuses to say so. As with Pearl Harbor, America did not seek the war but the 9/11 attacks clearly were a declaration of war and the continuing hostility is clearly limited only by Muslim stupidity and limited ability to wage hostilities.

And America is in fact fighting on behalf of the developed world generally. Many Britons, Australians and Spaniards have also been killed by Jihadi bombs. Those who propose to let the Jihadis run riot simply lack cojones or live in their own delusory version of reality, as most Leftists and some libertarians do.

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