Three-quarters of Britons want to emigrate with Australia the most popular destination

Badly misgoverned Britain is indeed a sad contrast with more conservative Australia. 13 years of Labour Party government have left Britain a wreck

Three in four Britons have considered moving abroad this year, research reveals. Three in ten said the poor state of the economy was their reason for wanting to emigrate, a survey found.

A quarter of those polled blamed the lack of job prospects while an eighth said a change in the pace of life was the main attraction.

The survey of 1,029 Britons, carried out for exchange brokers Currency UK, found Australia was the most popular destination, with a third of those polled saying they had considered moving down under.

Adrian Jacob, of Currency UK, said: 'Many Brits are concerned by the prospect of a hung Parliament and that the next four years will be dominated by huge tax rises, cuts in public service and inflation. 'People are concerned about the UK's economic strength and this is leading to Brits looking to get out.'


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  1. Run Away, Run Away.May 11, 2010 at 7:35 AM

    Silly Fools don't seem to give a shite about the engineered destruction of their nation...

    They run in a time of trouble and in doing so demonstrate the reality that they deserve to exist only as refugees safely protected within the nations of others.

    Like most "refugees" they appear to be little more than deserters when the going gets tough.

    The British no longer stand or fight for anything..

    Kneeling is what the little british do best.

    There is another view though...The media are attempting to manufacture an illusion so as to normalise the behaviour and hasten the destruction....Many will believe it and behave as they believe others are..

  2. It's the same thing everywhere the left are in power, remember how many were fleeing NZ for Australia, look at california. Everywhere the left are given power or are the majority, they turn it all to shit.

    My only hope is that all these people coming here don't vote for the same pieces of shit that caused them to leave in the first place.


  4. Three quarters of them? Well, half of those would have again voted for more of the same shit they've had for 13 years so they can piss off if they think they're better off here.

  5. Perhaps ar, they see Australia as a nice fat host, all effective parasites are always on the lookout for fresh hosts you know.


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