More crooked "science"

Faked photo used in a leading science journal

You can read here the wail from Warmist scientists about their being attacked in the same way that they long attacked "deniers".

Note that it is accompanied by a photo apparently designed to convey the urgency of their cause. The photo is of a lone polar bear on an iceberg credited to ISTOCKPHOTO.COM.

The photo is a fake with the following note in the photo caption at Istockphoto: "This image is a photoshop design. Polar bear, ice-floe, ocean and sky are real, they were just not together in the way they are now."

What does the use of a faked photo say about the scientific credibility of the journal in question? I think it says it all. These guys are inveterate frauds. They just don't know HOW to be honest.

They are just evangelists for the latest apocalyptic faith -- a faith that is as poorly-founded as all its predecessors. Perhaps we should in future refer to their publication as The Science Watchtower, though that perhaps defames Jehovah's Witnesses.

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  1. The church of global warming, spawned in hate, lies and deceit and remains wallowing in it, like most liberal churches of today.

  2. They have to cheat... they got nothing else.


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