Evil filth

Daily Mail - Gavin Gordon, 31, a drug addict who has a string of convictions for violence dating back more than ten years, was part of a gang that raped a 26-year-old woman in her home in Clapham, south London, while her boyfriend screamed as he was tortured in the next room. The woman was leaving her flat shortly after midnight on October 26, 2008, when several men approached her and demanded money, police said. They covered her head and forced her back inside her flat, where they made her text her boyfriend and ask him to come over.

When he arrived, they tied his hands with his belt and tortured him, wrapping computer cable around his throat, pressing a hot iron against his forehead and thigh, and rubbing lemon juice and bleach into his injuries. He was also repeatedly kicked and punched. The woman was forced to perform sex acts and repeatedly raped as she heard her boyfriend screaming in the next room. ...Gordon, of no fixed address, was found guilty of robbery, unlawful imprisonment, actual bodily harm and theft following a four-day trial last year. He was given an indeterminate sentence and told he must serve a minimum of nine years.

Hard to believe, 9 lousy years, on top of it these 3 pieces of shit were the only ones caught, there were others who will never pay. Read the whole article to see the living hell the victims of these bastards have to live with now. If it were up to me, these 3 would be beaten until all the others were caught as well and the lot of them would have a switch-blade dragged across their genitals, then left to rot in jail.

...Gordon's actions 'can only be described as horrendous and barbaric crimes on these individuals whose lives have been ruined', the judge said. He went on: 'You would seem to present a high risk of serious harm to the general public, including violence and the use of weapons.' The judge added that psychologists found Gordon's drug use and his personality disorder meant he posed a 'medium to high risk of future offending' and the risk of future violence was significant.

That's why he only has to serve 9 years, because this piece of shit is highly likely to reoffend, yes really. I guess many, many more [perhaps hundreds] have to be raped and tortured before this piece of [possibly immigrant] scum is locked away for good. And you can just forget your wild fantasies of getting the bastard deported or anything, the criminal rights court will rush in wailing and crying about their @#$&ing human rights!

Speaking about the case last November, Detective Inspector Mick Foote, of the Metropolitan Police's specialist crime directorate, said: 'Both victims were subjected to unnecessary physical violence in their own home. 'They were targeted for money and then assaulted over and over again, despite saying they had no money. 'Both victims have suffered a very traumatic event. However, I would like to reassure the public that such crimes are very rare.'

Yes, yes off course, a very traumatic experience, unnecessary physical violence, as if there are instances where violence when invading someone's home is necessary and acceptable. Oh and very rare off course, in case any of you peasants get any fancy ideas about defending yourselves in your homes. Such backwards mentality cannot be entertained, this is the brave new world, where you just pretend it's all good and if it ain't, well that's just very sad and all that, but try and get over it.

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