A justice system beyond repair

Daily Mail - The jailed mother of Peter Connelly has been allowed to see her children. Tracey Connelly, who was imprisoned last year for her part in her son’s death, enjoyed a supervised visit with them five weeks ago at a secret London location. The Sun revealed the mother-of-four spent several hours with her children, although it is not known how many of them were present at the meeting. A prison source said: ‘It’s staggering she’s able to have face-to-face contact with her kids while serving a sentence for Baby P’s death. ‘Other prisoners have little or no chance to be with their children while inside. ‘They see Connelly as being given preferential treatment.’
The justice system in the UK is so #@&ed, it's beyond any possible description. That little baby boy was beaten to death, they broke his back, and this bitch is still allowed to see her remaining children. This case made international headlines, so horrific was the crime and still, they are so bereft of justice, so bereft of decency or compassion for the victim. The justice system is so #@&ed, it cannot even keep this worthless bitch from seeing her remaining children for even 5 years. The 5 pathetic years it handed out for her part in the murder of her son. It seems no matter how vile, the system simply favors the vermin.

The best way to describe the outcome for victims of crime turning to the justice system in the UK is like the scientists at NASA driving to a local pig farm, finding a blind, half-dead pig and asking it to design & build their next space ship. And it doesn't even look like it's just a few morally bankrupt morons that are doing this, it's like the system just cannot do anything else, like it doesn't know anything else.

The way I see it, you can't fix the system, you can't reform it, it has lost all sense of purpose, all sense of right and wrong, just purge it all and start again from scratch.

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