Australia is planning tough new rules to protect children from online pornography and violence.
Didn't take those lefty bastards long, did it?
The new Labor government wants internet service providers to filter content to ensure households and schools do not receive "inappropriate" material.
"inappropriate" eh..there's that loathsome word again--lefties just love it, because inappropriate covers anything they don't like.
Civil libertarians have condemned the plan as unnecessary, and say it will erode the freedom of the internet. that the best they can do? How about deeply offensive, statist nannying?
But telecommunications minister Stephen Conroy said more needed to be done to protect children.
So--in the name of protecting other people's children, I'm supposed to allow a pack of unelected bureaucrats to decide what I can view? How about the parents of children exercise their obligations and control what those children view?

The Australian government's aim is to ensure that children only have access to family-friendly websites.
And if, in the process, adults are reduced to the level of emotional and intellectual development of children...well, that's just too bad. This is no damn business of the government's.
Service providers will be expected to stop the flow of pornography and other X-rated or violent content.
Which will add to the costs of accessing the 'net for everybody.
The government is set to compile a list of unsuitable sites, although at this stage it is unclear what will be deemed unsuitable.
Oh yeah--and just who will be doing this "compiling"? Some middle-class busybody bunch of wimmin, obssessed with kiddies, no doubt. The same women who won't be content untill they've neutered men and reduced them to the level of eunuch children.
Australians wanting unfettered access to the web will have to contact their supplier to opt out of the new regime.
Yeah, right. Which will give the government and it's agents a nice handy list when they come snooping into your surfing habits. And being a lefty government, they won't be able to resist the temptation to use that information.
Critics of the proposals have insisted they have no place in a liberal democracy, and have accused Canberra of being oppressive.

But Mr Conroy has been unmoved by their arguments.
But of course he has--listening to the citizens would be a little too much like democracy for the bastard.
The minister stressed that if people equated freedom of speech with watching child pornography then he would always disagree with them.
That's how it's done, folks--object to Big Brother, and insist on watching what you as an adult choose to watch, and you'll get smeared as a person who enjoys child pornography.
The slimeball who rammed through the anti-smacking legislation here in N.Z. used exactly that tactic--anybody who was against it was automatically in favour of beating kids to death.
The truly frightening thing is that there were and are a whole lot of idiots who bought that line.
But kids are still being beaten to death because naive and stupid laws don't stop those animals--never did, never will.
The same with child pornography. Target the goddam offenders, not ordinary decent people.

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