More on the "stolen generation" myth

A big new article has just appeared on the subject. It is written in a rather bitter way, which suggests some personal involvement with the matters discussed. A few excerpts below:

In this article we will examine the above-alluded-to Stolen Generation, and the price Aboriginal children are currently paying for this exercise in unadulterated financial greed.

The entire saga had its genesis in (then) Barbara Cumming's genuine book about her childhood experience at the hands of Australia's Northern Terroritory Christian orphanage operators, a manuscript that was hijacked by bureaucratic ideologists and twisted into the incredible story of the Aboriginal Stolen Generation.

The high priests of Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity (who are dedicated to anything but), orchestrated the solicited testimony of socially and psychologically-scarred and embittered individuals who had been raised without the critical emotional necessity of nurturing families. Nor had these individuals any knowledge of parallel history which should have put their experiences in the real-world context of the times.

Many of the part Aboriginal Australians who had been raised in orphanages, eventually discovered their long-lost families who, when confronted by the suffering of their abandoned progeny, denied all culpability. Well, did anyone really expect them to say to their children "Yeah, mate, I was the selfish and self-indulgent bitch who was too pissed to feed you, or even to shelter you? I forgot about you for a few days while on a bender and bloody welfare took you away. Frankly, you got in the way of my drinking".

Instead, they did what the vast majority or parents would do in such a barbed situation; they either went into compulsive denial, or lied.

What was not revealed in the media is that all cases were reviewed annually, with consideration of family reconciliation the prime objective. Sadly, it was rare for such mothers to be successfully assisted back to sobriety and reconciled with their children. And this was a welfare system the values of which applied to all children: Aboriginal, European, Chinese or Polynesian. In fact, for a century, Australia was one of the few European countries to recognise moral and physical accountability for racially mix-bred indigenous children. Elsewhere, they were abandoned to an often outcast existence....

Finally, it should be understood that research for this article was based on the vast NT experience, and people from other parts of Australia may have suffered isolated circumstances wherein Christian church and state departmental roles became blurred and Aborigines were genuinely victimised. Moreover, acknowledging the history of corruption of state governments, it would be surprising if this were not the case, and these are then criminal matters and as such should be dealt with on an individual basis and not as a politicised national campaign


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