and you thought Sarkozy might be an improvement?

"A HOWL of rage is expected today from French taxi drivers, shopkeepers, civil servants and other protected sectors when President Nicholas Sarkozy receives a revolutionary plan for recasting the face of France.

The scheme, which Mr Sarkozy has promised to enact, would abolish regulations that ensure the comfort of trades and professions but stifle the economy. It would also mean opening the frontiers to immigration, building 10 large new cities and scrapping France's 200-year-old departements, or counties."

This, despite the epidemic of rapes, robberies and arson being experienced as a result of muslim immigration in Europe.
Sarkozy--and the rest of the ruling classes--have made a pact with the devil, in order to fund cheap labour and preserve the retirement benefits of an ageing population.
Anybody looking to the politicians on the right to solve the muslim problem is dreaming--those politicians are as much in favour of mass immigration from dysfunctional shit-holes as anybody. Cheap labour, folks.
Which is why the border fence in the U.S. hasn't been and will not be built, why politicians of all stripes refuse to put forward any practical plan for dealing with the menace staring us in the face.
So what if the citizens, the masses of ignorant voters, suffer the consequences of these policies? Our masters are comfortably insulated from the seething masses and they don't give a damn. Just as they enjoy the protection of armed guards while they prohibit citizens from protecting themselves, they enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and luxurious retirement regardless of the damage they cause our societies and our institutions.
The left want untrammeled immigration for their own reasons and the right want it for theirs--and neither give a good goddam about you and me. I used to think the "New World Order" thing was a conspiracy theory. Not now.
The sooner it erupts into either civil war or a nuclear exchange between states the better, as far as I'm concerned because I'm sick of the scam being pulled on a whole civilisation.
Fuck 'em.

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