Western Civilization is Superior

International Herald Tribune - Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi received an Islamist death threat Friday in a letter containing two bullets that was sent to a newspaper owned by his family's media empire. The blank cartridges were "a forewarning" to Berlusconi and his younger brother Paolo, the publisher of Il Giornale, for the Milanese newspaper's "anti-Islamic" stance, according to the paper's Web site, which published the letter. The letter warned that "at the first favorable moment" the Berlusconi brothers would come to the same end as Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani opposition leader, who was assassinated Dec. 27. In September 2001, when Berlusconi was prime minister, he inflamed the Muslim world and angered Western diplomats by stating that Western civilization was "superior" to that of Islam.

I don't know which self-loathing diplomats those were, but let me tell you, Berlusconi was right. The Islamists have been burning our flags and effigies of our leaders for decades, dancing around and carrying on like a right bunch of savages. They rioted in the streets over a couple of cartoons, they handed out sweets and celebrated the murder of thousands in New York and at the same time insisted they were framed. They chanted for the execution of an ignorant teacher and resort to violence and mayhem every time some fool dares to accuse them of not being peaceful and tolerant. We do none of these, so damn straight we're superior.

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