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Terrorism at Glasgow Airport
"Government renames Islamic terrorism as 'anti-Islamic activity' to woo Muslims
Terrorism by Muslim fanatics was yesterday re-named "anti-Islamic activity" by Jacqui Smith.

The Home Secretary said that - rather than acting in the name of Islam - they were behaving contrary to their faith.
........Funding will be boosted to allow more youngsters to carry out volunteer work overseas."
Daily Mail
Not much left to say about the Brit government, is there?
I'd like to list here all the times muslims have acted "contrary to their faith" but there isn't room on the page, since they've acted contrary to their faith over ten thousand times since that episode of spectacular contraryness, 9/11.
There's another interesting aspect to this doublespeak. If it's to be known as anti-islamic activity, then the bombers of schoolbuses and the rapers of children will be in the same rhetorical basket as Westerners who speak out against them.

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