Research Confirms - Leftists are Frightened, Depressed Losers

Yahoo!7 News - Young people who embrace trendy, self-focused spiritualism are more anxious and depressed than those who believe in God or reject religion altogether, a survey shows. A major Queensland study of 21-year olds suggests that the shift away from traditional religious beliefs to new-age religions is not making young adults happier. Young adults with a belief in a spiritual or higher power other than God were at more risk of poorer mental health and deviant social behaviour than those who rejected these beliefs, said study author Dr Rosemary Aird, a population health researcher at the University of Queensland.

She said individualism was the common thread in the shift away from traditional religious thoughts to non-religious spirituality. "This focus on self fulfillment and improvement over others' wellbeing could undermine a person's mental health with many people feeling more isolated, less healthy and having poorer relationships," Dr Aird said. She said so-called new spirituality promotes the idea that self-transformation will lead to a positive and constructive change in self and society. "But there is a contradiction," Dr Aird said. "How can one change society if one is focused on oneself?"

Let's not beat about the bush here folks, we know these are tofu-nibbling, lentil-munching, new-age leftists she's talking about, only leftist morons would fall for this. When I read this last night, I couldn't help but think, oh humans, when will we ever learn to listen, you know what the Good Lord has been saying about false religions for thousands of years, no wonder he doesn't say anything to us, what's the point. When you think about it, being a leftist logically leads you to be depressed and feeling like a loser, think about it, what makes up the left, what are they fighting whining for, what's close to their cowardly hearts? Global warming, they're whining to take us all back to collective farming and defecating in holes. Few of us have any idea how hard life used to be before capitalism. Ending all war, which in reality means giving up your guns and power and enslaving yourself to those who didn't. Leftists are always angling to help themselves to the fruits of others hard labor, no matter which way you look at it, that's being a parasite.

Just about everything leftists try always fails. Gee, it's looking real optimistic isn't it. Now, what do they yearn for, the right to fornicate without consequences, that's right, meaningless sex that only offers instant gratification and in the worst case killing an unborn baby. What else do they yearn for, ah yes, the right to sodomize their boyfriends whilst being cheered on or something, again without consequences. And if there are consequences, leftists want the taxpayer to cover the cost of fixing it all up, there's that parasite nature of theirs again. Leftists are also angling to elevate violent and intolerant cultures, knowing pretty well that they'll be the first lined up against the wall and yet are unable to change course. It's what Conservatives know as, stuck-on-stupid. So, in summary, just about everything leftists do is disgusting, cowardly, parasitical, stupid and plain evil. It's a good thing leftists have really small brains, cos if they realized who they really are, they'd be committing mass suicide.

They're lucky their brain capacity only allows them to feel depressed and live in the knowledge that they're losers. One last thing, at the end of their worthless lives, all they have to look forward to is being judged and the shocking/sobering revelation that the father of lies doesn't need you to believe in him, to accept all and sundry into his hot and uncomfortable abode. Image with thanks from here.

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