No more Freedom of Thought - CHILDREN as young as three are being taught anti-racism lessons as part of the first NSW Government-funded program designed to stamp out bigotry from a young age. The program will be rolled out at a preschool in western NSW and youngsters will be given regular lessons in tolerance and multiculturalism. The move comes as NSW councils investigate implementing a similar program across all council-funded daycare centres across the state. The Menindee Children's Centre, in the state's Far West, has just received a $4000 grant to launch the first State Government-funded program of its kind. She said the centrepiece of the program would be regular discussions about racism. "It is the biggest part of the program, it will be about teaching tolerance and positive diversity every day," she said. Premier Morris Iemma said it was necessary to teach our youngest about tolerance.

Sure Morris, in reality what he means is, you WILL tolerate all, you WILL accept all, you WILL accept all religions, you WILL accept all cultures, you WILL accept all blame for past ills, you WILL accept all lifestyles and everything else they tell you to. From a young age, the elites will have your children Australia, to mould and make into good little sheeple, told what to think, told what to feel, told what to say. I told you, leftists will never forgive you for being born, if they can't kill you before you're born, godless help them, they'll make you wish you were never born for the rest of your life. And before you all get worked up, rest assured it's targeted at whitey, nobody gives a damn if someone yells white C@#$. Pretty soon folks, like you get a reminder to turn up to vote every so often, in your life time you'll get a notice saying - according to our records, you didn't partake in the annual multi-cultural kumbaya festival or you didn't say Islam is peace and all cultures are equal, so we'd like you to report for a 3 week positive-diversity course, or else.

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