Just Collect The Garbage, OK?

By AR - Local councils have a useful role - they manage garbage collection in their area. And they um... well, that's about it. But for some councils, that's not enough. They want to be players on the world stage, too:
"MARRICKVILLE Council will plead with Indonesia to spare the Bali bombers less than a month before their scheduled execution, angering survivors of the terrorist atrocity."
The same council wanted to send a message of support to another group of killers by planning to: "form a sister-city relationship with Bethlehem on the West Bank, despite its alleged links with banned Palestinian terrorist group Hamas."

I bet the good citizens of Marrickville were thinking water tanks and recycling when they voted in their green councillors. Some voters may have been aware of green predilections for abortion, euthanasia, and drinking your own piss but did they know they would be endorsing mass murderers?

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