Canadian Publisher Persecuted for Mindcrime

There are 3 videos here of an interrogation conducted by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. They are interrogating Ezra Levant, publisher of The Western Standard and the man who published the "Mohammed" cartoons in Canada.

A comment from Belmont Club:

"They said inquisitions couldn't happen in North American. Certainly not in the 21st century. But they have. Whether or not Ezra Levant is declared "innocent" or "guilty" by the Canadian Human Rights Commission of publishing the "Mohammed Cartoons" is beside the point. What is at issue is whether or not a Canadian government agency has the competence to punish someone for what in saner times would be considered a routine exercise in free speech. It is the legitimacy of the Canadian Human Rights Commission that is on trial here. They themselves are in the dock and they have put themselves there.

Some more comments here.

My comment: Prof. Ward Churchill accused the workers in the NYC twin towers on 9/11 of being "little Eichmanns". But Canada today has REAL "little Eichmanns". You can see one in the video.

The original Eichmann was a Nazi bureaucrat who just sat in his office for most of the war but he accomplished great evil nonetheless -- organizing the transport of Jews to the gas chambers.

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