Problems with Comments?

Folks, looks like Haloscan has carked it, down the crapper, gone up in balls of flames, kaaaablooooeyy, kaabooom, ok I'll stop now. I'm getting all sorts of crazy messages like, wait 86000 seconds before another comment. Maybe I've said too much, if you're able to comment alright, consider yourself lucky for now, the haloscan gremlins will find you and.... resistance is futile!!!!

Hopefully someone at haloscan is working on it, I recently saw they had done some sort of upgrade, that must be what caused the meltdown. I haven't bothered emailing them with inquiries or I-told-you-so's, their response is not what you'd call first rate, I'm still waiting on something I emailed them about in 2005. So we'll have to assume you all just agree with everything we say and leftist losers still talk about us angrily from their mothers basements.

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