New crop of Jihadis is 'set to step up'

This from “The Australian”, January 28, 2008:

A NEW crop of home-grown jihadis, groomed to step up and replace the leaders of Australian terror cells who have been arrested or jailed, is almost "mature" enough to launch an operation, an international terror expert has warned.

The warning came after the release of figures showing the Australian Federal Police had 76 new counter-terrorism cases to investigate in the past financial year. At June 30 last year, the AFP had 83 cases being examined by its counter-terrorism team.

This would sound serious given the problems we’ve been having Islamic terrorism all over the world the past few years. Especially when you take into consideration that you usually find out about a terrorist attack after the body parts start landing along the roadside. But not to worry law enforcement is hard at work and has everything under control.

Intelligence sources say they are aware of the new threats, but deny there is any evidence that the groups may be close to planning an attack in Australia.
Normally, wouldn’t the fact that there are 83 new cases in Australia be an indication that the planning is already underway? Or maybe they think they are planning for attacks in Saudi Arabia ?

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