EU & Global Warming - Freedoms' Enemies

Deutsche Welle - Germany may have to figure out how to fulfill the EU's new plan to cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The environment minister said highway speed limits were back on the table but a return to nuclear power was not. "A speed limit is becoming ever more important with the tightening of climate targets," said Gabriel. "Every penny counts." Estimates have suggested a speed limit of 130 kilometers (80 miles) per hour on all German highways would only reduce the country's emissions by around 0.5 percent.

Punish the productive, reward the lazy, that's what it's all about folks. They will hinder you in every way possible, all in the name of the planet. They'll take your light bulbs, your flushing toilets, the washing machine and dryer, plastic bags, the car, they want it all folks, including your freedom. Germany is one of the few places on the planet where you can really kick things along on their autobahns and I'm sure that's really upset the government nannies for a while now. Finally the scumbags have found a quick and easy way to take that away as well. Never mind that it won't make any difference, screwing over the subjects, that's the main priority. They won't stop there either, first it'll be 130km/h, that's just to get you battery hens all warm and used to the idea, they won't stop until you're all wearing lycra, pedaling away and nibbling lentils or driving around in useless pansie-like electric wheezers.

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