They're a Shoe-in for a Lefty Cause

Folks, I'm not surprised by a lot of things these days, but what would surprise me is if that rabble of leftie weasels masquerading as the government of the UK haven't pushed these two to the front of the queue already. If there was a limit to the number of people that could live in the UK and this fellow was extra, I'm sure they'd shuffle an old war hero out the back to make room for such 'diverse' folks.
Daily Mail - Osama Bin Laden's son has applied for a British visa so he can live in Britain with his wife. Omar Bin Laden, 26, who admits attending terror training with the Al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan, has been interviewed with his wife Jane Felix-Browne, 52, by British Embassy officials in Cairo, where he is currently living. The couple plan to set up house in Jane's £550,000 home in Moulton, Cheshire, have a child through a surrogate mother and work as "peace activists". The couple claim they have been assured the visa application will be given the green light when the embassy receives the divorce documents from Saudi Arabia, proving Omar is solely married to Jane.
Wow, peace activists, further down the article, they say the couple are organizing a 3000 mile horse ride for peace, I'm assuming there will be a group hug and kumbaya singing at the end. I'm sure leftists felt a warm, fuzzy feeling spreading from their pelvic regions when they read that. If he had been a she and a lesbian wanting IVF and gay marriage, all they'd have to do is say something foolish like, Make love not War or We must talk to our enemies; and oh my godless, lefties in America would be taking to the streets, organizing bake sales, tofu barbecues, online petitions etc to get the couple over to the USA to run for the 08 elections. Jokes aside, this is an indication of how far the western world has slid into the dangerous Alice-in-wonderland utopia and how those around the world see us. Where else but in the western world will the son of the world's most wanted sack of evil filth even dare to apply for a visa.

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