Helpful Lefties

What fun it is when Lefties try to help us poor, red-neck conservatives see the light (lifted from a little blog discussion I eavesdropped on a while back – no link, sorry):

I tried once to explain to a conservative friend, why I'm a lefty. And it's just seems so difficult (even though i was once a conservative until someone helped me out [Ed: immediately into a straight jacket]). You mention that the US killed half a million in Iraq due to the sanctions and you're told that it's a lie, or an exaggeration.
A lie (or an exaggeration)? No, just an unbelievable demonstration of blithering ignorance, given the sanctions were imposed by the United Nations (numbers of ‘dead’ aside).

You point out that Madeline Albright herself admitted to it and you're told that it would have been all over the news if it were true.
Actually, what should have made the news (but wouldn’t have) was the fact that Madeline Albright was: a) demonstrating blithering ignorance; or b) a partisan tosser merely playing to insane, Bush-hating morons like you (read note vis United Nations, above).

Take your pick.

You point out that the US have killed more Iraqis than Saddam ever did, according to reputable sources like the Lancet, and you're told that it's all based on an irrelevant statistical sample...
Thanks so much for pointing that out. But given the Lancet has become yet another lefty mouthpiece, and their ‘facts’ were outed long ago as being based on just more partisan bollocks (of both sexes) rather than any actual research? Of course, the notion that Saddam’s body count potentially ran into the millions most definitely didn’t make much news (or feature in a ‘reputable’ source like the Lancet – no Bush-hating mileage in that, I guess).

…you just can't win against these people, because they have no idea what they are talking about.
No, they have no idea what you’re talking about (given your blather is entirely based on ridiculous lefty talking points – the vacuity of which was no doubt pointed out to you at the time - fed to you by people like Madeline Albright, we must assume).

How do you demonstrate to someone that they are deliberately ignoring the truth?
A tricky one, I’ll grant, but in your case, try looking in a mirror while flapping your gums.

Toe-curling, face-incinerating embarrassment is not something many Lefties appear to suffer from. Case in point. . .

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