Punish the Parasite Base

Regarding what I said yesterday about moral decay in the west at my blog, this is an example of the parasite base folks, steadily growing, don't care about the consequences, are not made to pay for it, won't learn from it, will not stop until all of you, hard-working people are bled dry. Isn't socialized healthcare wonderful, rewards the parasites and neglect the productive.
Daily Mail - Hospitals are treating more than a thousand cases of serious alcohol-related conditions every day of the year, it was revealed last night. Rates of admissions to accident and emergency for problem drinking and the number of patients seen by consultants for alcohol-related illnesses have both doubled in seven years. The scale of the problem - and the burden it puts on the Health Service - will pile pressure on Gordon Brown to radically overhaul the controversial Licensing Act. It means that in a NHS hospital wards today alone, there are expected to be 1,222 separate cases of alcoholic liver disease, intoxication, drinkrelated mental or behavioural disorders or drink-related injury. Among under-18s, there was a rise of 40 per cent in those seen by doctors in casualty or in the consulting room over the last seven years.
As the parasite base expands and the productive base shrinks, what will the state do, waste more of your money on nagging the parasites, please stop, it's your health, not good for you, commission more research, blah, blah. If you want to radically overhaul it, I propose making them pay the full cost of their treatment, if they don't have the money, sell their possessions, dock their pay, whatever it takes. If they have no job, no money and no possessions, then be like Sheriff Joe and put them in chain-gangs, they can pay off their debt to Britain and sober up at the same time. Whining and nagging these parasites will not work, that's what got us to this point in the first place. Make them pay, it's the most efficient way of changing their behavior, alternatively just keep screwing over the productive base, it's a sure fire way of ruining the country.

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