Post-Modern, Now Post-Justice

I caught the tail-end of a story on the evening news today, it was about some old timers learning to defend themselves with their walking sticks. I can't remember where it was, it doesn't really matter where, it's quite pitiful that they have to resort to this sort of thing now. Needless to say they were told to use it only as a last resort, always run if you can, I guess that's your only option if you want to keep your nose clean, unlike the criminal. I just wonder how an 80 year old, 50 kilo grandma would fare against a few teenage scumbags, sorry grandma, my money ain't on you, cos they ain't carrying canes. But that's the world today, the odds and just about everything else are stacked against the good folks.
Daily Mail - Linda Norton watched as the boys were given 12-month supervision orders for violent disorder. The boys were freed two months into a two-year sentence after the Court of Appeal hearing. Lawyers said the conviction for manslaughter was not safe, arguing that Mr Norton's death could not be laid at the boys' door because the pensioner had a heart condition – he had a triple bypass in 1977. The boys had hurled abuse, pelted the pensioner with sticks, stones and rocks and spat on him after crowding round a leisure centre tennis court on February 26, 2006. Retired engineering draughtsman Mr Norton collapsed when a half-brick fractured his cheekbone and he had a fatal heart attack in front of his horrified son. The gang ran away cackling: "He's dead, he's dead
The consequence of handing your guns over to the state, we'll look after you, keep this here phone with you and call us when the wolves have surrounded you, we'll come as quick as we can. If it's too late, don't worry we'll punish the scum, to make sure they don't do it again, think of your death as a necessary sacrifice, your family will get over it and move on soon, we all have to go some time you know. I know, they won't say it, but this is the bitter, disgusting reality of the world we live in once we've given our right to bear arms away.

The state will not protect you, they will not find justice for you, the mistake you made was to think that they're on your side, they never were. They switched sides and started screwing you over the second they suggested you're better off unarmed and defenseless. It makes me sick, but the gun-grabbers would much rather this fellow, a husband and a father, is dead than see him even have the chance to defend his life and fight the wolves. Hang onto your canes old folks, if you didn't naturally have teeth and nails, they'd be angling for that too. Image thanks to CAFOD.

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