Pirates Of The South Seas; Their Safety, Our Priority

By AR - Kevin07's Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith turned in a rabbit-in-the-headlights performance on ABC's 7.30 Report 17/01/08. He was trying to explain our position with regard to the Sea Shepherd activists who had boarded the Japanese whaling vessel.

Stating that the transfer of the two activists back to the ship they had voluntarily left was the government's most pressing issue, he blathered: "That is our immediate priority. And why is that our immediate priority? That's our immediate priority because from the first moment, paramount in our considerations has been the safety and security of the two men concerned." Only one of the men was an Australian citizen, by the way. That's just great. The message to any would-be high-seas activist, enviro-pirate, David Hicks-style adventurer is that you can engage in any act of reckless self-endangerment and we'll make your safe recovery our immediate priority.

Smith was clearly uncomfortable during the interview, umming and ahhing, and repeating himself... repeatedly. His eyes were pinned and he looked for all money like the proverbial rabbit transfixed by the headlights of the semi-trailer that's about to flatten it. Check the video link on the same page. Stephen Smith replaces the Liberal's Alexander Downer as Foreign Minister. It's going to be an interesting 3 years.

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