What they don't tell you

News.com.au - ABOUT 151,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in the three years following the US-led invasion of their country, with more than half of the deaths in Baghdad. The study, which said violent deaths could have ranged from 104,000 to 223,000 between March 2003 and June 2006, is the most comprehensive since the war started.

Read the whole thing, what they don't tell you is who is doing most of the killing, what they don't tell you is what religion the killers belong to, what they don't tell you is what religion the butchered men, women and children are. How about saying "about 151,000 Muslim people have been killed by mainly Muslim terrorists", I know the media yearns to be balanced, but I certainly wouldn't be striving for a balance between good and EVIL, lacks nuance I suppose. Naturally the morons of the left will say that if the U.S. hadn't liberated Iraq, they wouldn't be dead, but they'll be dead under the Saddam Hussein regime, you know, the fellow that the left were yearning to spare from the gallows.

What you're not told is that the killers are Muslims, the same Muslims we are told are peaceful and tolerant, the ones we must accommodate and understand, they have valid grievances you know. Yeah, a lot of people around this globe have a lot of valid grievances, but are they butchering women and babies, angling for the highest number killed, no. If the U.S. had not done what it did, Saddam would have killed even more people, but we can't run parallel scenarios to convince the haters and fools can you, so I guess we'll just have to continue carping on about the half-empty glass. I guess this is one reason why America doesn't intervene that often, criticized for doing nothing, never forgiven for doing something.

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