The Streets are Lost - Leftie Pollie Confirms

Daily Mail - Jacqui Smith suffered a barrage of criticism yesterday after admitting she would not feel safe walking the streets after dark. Opposition MPs said the Home Secretary had made an "admission of failure" to the millions of shift-workers who have no option but to brave the threat of violence. She insisted individuals were much less likely to be a victim of crime since Labour came to power, but admitted it was a "big job" to persuade them that towns and cities had not become more dangerous.

The controversy raged as Ministry of Justice figures revealed the steep rise in the number of under-18s convicted or cautioned over violent offences. Total offences for ten-to-17-year olds climbed steadily from 184,474 in 2003 to 222,750 in 2006, the last year for which figures are available - a rise of 21 per cent. But the increase in violent offending was steeper, while robberies rose even more dramatically, up 43 per cent over the three years.

There you go folks, they bloody lied to you that taking your guns would make you safer, they lied to you that they'd keep you safer, they lied, lied and bloody lied some more. This one was just stupid enough to admit it, they know it, you know it and the crims know it, you're not safer, you're defenseless, you cannot walk the streets of your cities. You the citizens of Australia and England, your land, your fathers land, your roots, your home. They built it, they fought for it, you fought for it, you were born here and they handed it to you, yet you are not free in your land.

And you know what, the pollies here know the same thing, they won't walk around anywhere in Australia without protection at any time of night, they know it's not safe, but do they give a pig's bum about you lot, no. They can't make the streets safe for you lot but they won't let you protect yourselves either, instead they insult you by 'persuading' you, that it's not really that bad, no worries mate, off you go, call us if you need us, being raped and robbed ain't so bad, look on the bright side, it's less likely to happen you know, try singing kumbaya when you're out for a stroll.

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