Just what we were yearning for

LiveNews - Not even fiery supermodel Naomi Campbell could leave the famously outspoken Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speechless, in a one-on-one interview for GQ magazine. It wasn’t Campbell’s intentions to probe Chavez’s political views, although he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, claiming Bush is out to kill him, and calling the US government "genocidal". Campbell wrote in an article that she wanted to interview Chavez because she was interested in finding out what he was like as a person. "I'd always heard Hugo Chavez was a people's president and I wanted to see if that was true ... I didn't want to judge Chavez, or probe him for his political views, even though he gave them freely," she wrote.

Isn't this just what we were all yearning for, aren't you feeling fulfilled and sated, now that we have another perspective on the mystical, glorious Hugo Chavez. Does celebrities fascination with socialist lunatics know no bounds, who next Naomi, Iran's Ahmadinejad? Well there is always Syria's Bashar al-Assad, but I don't know about him, he just doesn't seem to have that spark, flair, mojo if you will. Nancy Pelosi went the whole Dhimmi and all that visiting him, but her approval ratings are still in the crapper, so I wouldn't waste my time with him. Go with Ahmadinejad and afterwards, as Robert Spencer coined, you can say you've been Ahmadinejadized, it has a certain ring to it and you'll be the darling of the hollywood left. And you must work your way to Vladimir Putin Naomi, ex-KGB, secret police, cold war and all that, don't forget those cold eyes, just fascinating!!

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