A Worthless Parasite & A Useless Police Chief

I saw this useless parasite on the tele this evening when they interviewed him about his behavior. In my opinion, what a useless, good for nothing parasite, standing there half-naked with his nipple ring, wearing some plastic cereal-box sunglasses and sporting some sort of metrosexual clown cap. Here's a different video of this turd, you might see the interview here in a day or two.
News.com.au - FURIOUS Victorian police chief Christine Nixon may bill the parents of a teenager who held a wild party up to $20,000 in costs. But the unrepentant host today merely joked about dodging the consequences - and his holidaying parents' phone calls.``I don't answer their calls, I just hang up,'' Corey, 16, said. "When they get home, I'm not going to be home.'' Police, who estimated the crowd at 500, had to retreat until back-up arrived, including the air wing and the dog squad. More than 30 officers were needed to control the unruly crowd.
Unrepentant, surly and nothing more than a sniveling coward, when the lady challenged him, he wouldn't even take those clown-shades off and apologize to the taxpayers of this country. I hope anyone who saw this sack of worthless filth knows, that is where your future tax dollars are going, to fund the worthless life of an irresponsible bum. I hope his father has the balls to kick his useless ass out onto the streets. Moving on to Victorian Police Chief Nixon, if anyone makes me angrier that the teenage buffoon, it's this woman, first off, that's 3 words Ms Nixon.
In a dramatic development, Ms Nixon has ordered a report on the cost to police, which she believed was up to $20,000. And she served notice on other youths intending to create havoc. "I have a word for young people who are having those sort of parties - don't do it.
If you really are furious, why hasn't anyone been arrested, when the vermin started throwing rocks and everything else at the police, why aren't they allowed to shoot back. If you're furious, why are the rioters not getting rabies shots right now after the police dogs were called in. Instead of wagging your finger and whining words at teenagers, why are those 300-500 sacks of filth still walking the streets. If the dog squad, the air wing and 30 cops can't catch a single rioting ratbag, why don't you just disband them, take the guns, cars and choppers away, they are completely and utterly useless. It's almost as if the cops are being sent to waffle around until rioters get tired of pelting them and decide they have better things to do. Has the Victorian police force become a fancy waitering service now, they just bring you the bill after you're done trashing the place?

Considering the G8 rioting fiasco in Melbourne, you have to wonder, exactly how incompetent this Police Chief has to be before she is sacked. You could put a suit on a monkey, make him Chief of Police and pay him in peanuts and bananas and you'd be better off. Better off because you don't have to worry about pension funds and salaries, just the going price for bananas and peanuts, and when people accuse you of having an incompetent Chief, just shrug your shoulders and say, he's a monkey, what do you expect? Image thanks to eBaum's world, believe it or not, finding a pic of a monkey in a suit on the internet is a lot harder than I thought. On reflection, I now regret being so hard on lefties, if I'd been nicer, I could have just asked one of them to send me their pic in my moment of need, *sigh*, oh well, I've made my bed.

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