Appeasement of Terrorists Continues by People Who Should Know Better

Since Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip and forcibly removed Jewish settlers, its citizens have been under a daily missile barrage from the Palestinian side. The Palestinian government (Hamas) has supported and funded the attacks while calling for the destruction of Israel and death to the Jews. Finally, the Israelis took some action to blockade fuel supplies coming from Israel to Gaza because of the rocket attacks. Naturally, rather than stopping the rocket attacks, the Palestinians started crying that they were being abused and suffering horribly because the power was being shut off in winter (Gaza isn't exactly the north pole).

Apparently, Israel supplies 70% of Gaza’s electricity, with 5% coming from Egypt, and most of the rest being produced in Gaza. After the blackade started the power was turned off and Hamas (along with the UN) claimed it was due to the evil Israelis. The people were suffering, hospitals had no power and people couldn’t get lifesaving operations, etc. The truth may be much different.

It turns out that the embargo was on diesel fuel, but there was almost no cut back on the electricity actually provided by Israel. Diesel fuel is used for energy needs, but only for about 10%, the remainder comes over power lines. So, while there may have been brown outs and some disruptions, there was no need for the power to be turned off completely. So, why was it? Because Hamas turned it off. However interestingly, the power to the Hamas' rocket manufacturing facilities was not interrupted.

Now, Israel is already caving to international pressure to relieve the suffering of the people who are trying to kill its citizens and will relax the blockade without the Palestinians having to do anything (again). It is amazing that any county has to finance and support a people who are actively making war upon it. But this will not help the situation. The Arabs see such concessions, not as humanitarian gestures, but as weakness. A sign that their current actions are succeeding. Recent history has shown that this will not lead to peace, but rather to increased attacks by the Palestinians on Israelis. Look for things to get worse.


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