Appeasement Does Not Work

IHT - Spain was on high alert for terrorist attacks on Saturday after the police arrested 14 suspected Islamists of Pakistani and Indian origin, who they believe were plotting an attack on Barcelona, officials said. Alfredo PĂ©rez Rubalcaba, the interior minister, told reporters that the 14 had been arrested in Barcelona, capital of the northeastern region of Catalonia and that more arrests were expected. The police, who acted with the help of information from unidentified foreign intelligence agencies, raided several apartments, a prominent mosque and a small prayer hall, Rubalcaba and local Muslim representatives said. With a general election scheduled for March 9, Spanish authorities are on the alert for terror attacks by Islamist groups or the Basque militant group ETA.

At the last election the Spanish were bombed into submission, 191 of their people were killed and they promptly raised the white flag. They pulled out of Iraq and gave the Islamists what they wanted, they elected a Socialist government and sat back to sing kumbaya. Gee, I'm sure they thought they were safe, now that they had no part in the Great Satan's war, guess again folks. It's a lesson too many are unwilling to learn, unfortunately for them, that lesson must be learned, the only choice is whether you learn the painful way or the really painful way. Let us hope they have come to their senses and choose differently in March. Image with thanks from CTV News.

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