Those Tolerant, Peaceful Leftists Again

Newsmax - Bill O’Reilly says all Fox News employees are now “cautious” after several run-ins during coverage of the New Hampshire primary that were fueled by “anti-Fox hatred.” In his syndicated column out this week, O’Reilly described attacks on Fox that border on violence. “I saw the anti-Fox hatred first-hand when I traveled to New Hampshire. Fox News vehicles have been vandalized; FNC reporters cursed; and all Fox News personnel are cautious,” the cable news star writes. O’Reilly says the anger towards Fox is due to the network’s ratings success, which has created “a bitterness unprecedented in the U.S. press.

Leftists hate it when Conservatives are given a voice, leftists will always be working to destroy successful Conservatives, you see it on the blogosphere too, we are constantly derided and mocked, yet the leftie scum keep turning up here, demanding their right to waffle on about absolute bulldung. After the recent federal elections here, leftie scum even demanded that Conservative columnists be sacked. So don't put anything past them, as far as lefties are concerned 99 lefties and 1 Conservative is a fair fight, I suppose if you only take their brain power into account, it probably is a fair fight.

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