Baron von Ruddchausen

By AR - Andrew Bolt is back from holiday and blogs about new PM Kevin Rudd's day at the cricket. Bolt shows how Rudd recalls his first Test match replete with a player who wasn't there, and a chant which never had voice:

'Mr Rudd remembered the chant “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if Thommo don’t get you, then Lillee must”, but mostly he remembered 42-year-old Colin Cowdrey - called to duty from England to halt the carnage - walking onto the field and going up to Thomson to shake the hand of the man who was going to hurt him.'

But it seems the Kevin07 star, will never have to account for his apparent tricks of memory because the MSM are reporting episodes from his real or imagined past as fact. The Sun Herald today faithfully repeats Rudd's account of the family eviction:

"Mr Rudd also knows about homelessness. At the age of 11, along with his mother and siblings, he had to leave the family farm after his father died. Mr Rudd has recalled having to sleep in a car one night with his family - and the effect all this had on his political consciousness."

It was the same newspaper that first revealed doubts about Rudd's story when complaints were raised by the adult children of the farm's owner, Aubrey Low, describing him as a good man who had helped the Rudds and whose memory had been slighted by Kevin's assertion he kicked them off the farm. Now it seems the paper is happy to accept the Rudd version as the truth. Accept it, and perpetuate it. Sort of like a plastic turkey in reverse.

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