Just More American Warmongering, I Guess. . .

Are certain Iranians certifiable, or is this a very deliberate strategy?

THE Pentagon has released a video and audio tape that appears to confirm its charge that Iranian speedboats swarmed US warships in the Strait of Hormuz and radioed a threat to blow them up.

The video, which the Pentagon said was taken from the bridge of the destroyer USS Hopper, showed fast boats approaching the warships at high speeds and racing around the Hopper, the USS Port Royal and the USS Ingraham.

A man's voice is heard in an audio recording speak in English amid a sailor's urgent warnings to stay clear of the ship.

"I am coming to you... You will explode in a few minutes,'' the voice is heard to say.
Notice that the boats did not identify themselves (other than to issue dire threats), nor were they flying colours:

Apparently the US ships were only moments away from opening fire (though it is important to note that they didn’t open fire). With this in mind, I can’t help wondering whether this might not be a probe with two aims: to have US vessels generally lower their guard (given nothing happened); and to see just how far they can push these Commanders. With that in mind, I also can't help wondering whether some time in the future, a small boat (or boats), will do something similar, after having got even closer, only this time packed with explosives.

It’s a tricky situation. Shoot first and destroy the evidence (and put up with the inevitable screaming from the usual suspects), or wait for a possible attack?

This was an aggressive action against a military vessel on active service. Even though it may well be playing into Iranian geo-political strategic hands, personally, I'd forgive the US Commanders for taking appropriate action from this point on.

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