Thanks For Saving My Life... Dubya

By AR - Maureen Dowd, the NYT columnist known for her excoriating articles on the White House and George Bush in particular, now has Bush to thank for saving her life. Dowd, who can't even bring herself to say "President Bush", referring to him by his middle initial, W, came down with a virulent stomach bug when following the President's recent mid-east trip.

No doubt hoping to flay Bush for his "drive-by diplomacy," Dowd at first soldiered on but became so sick she had to be treated by the President's own medical staff. She quipped that she didn't want an IV in case she was "accidentally" poisoned, which sounds like one of those jokes which isn't really a joke. The White House even made room for her aboard Air Force 1 so she could receive treatment.

No doubt we'll see a change of tone in Dowd's future columns when it comes to Bush. Maybe she'll even refer to him by name?

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