A Nation of Children

I read an article the other day about how the British are aging and it's not looking good for their health and the economy, it's true that many of us are aging in the west, physically aging, but mentally we seem to be going the other way. It's amazing how things turn in the west, gone are the days when the bad and stupid were punished, now the bad are coddled and the stupid rewarded for trying not to be. We have endless ads, campaigns and warnings telling us about the dangers of sun tanning, too much drinking and taking drugs. And no, it's not our respective health ministers writing the large cheques to pay for all this. We are given warning after warning, yet there are still morons out there doing all of it anyway. Yet it never occurs to the children or their nannies that perhaps we need to start punishing people for doing stupid things.
Daily Mail - Fat people could be paid to lose weight under Government plans to tackle obesity. Ministers said the Health Service and employers could give vouchers to the overweight to spend on healthy food in supermarkets. They also suggested that those who manage to lose weight could be given cash prizes. "We will look at using financial incentives, such as payments, vouchers and other rewards, to encourage individuals to lose weight and sustain that weight loss, to eat more healthily, or to be consistently more physically active."
I'm not even talking chain gangs and flogging in the town square, heaven forbid, we westerners lost the stomach for that sort of thing years ago, heck we can't even muster the collective spine to celebrate the execution of mass murderers and terrorist killers. I'm talking simple things like making people pay for the consequences of their stupid behavior; drink too much, take drugs or sun bake, when you turn up at the local hospital, you get a bill to pay at the end of your stay. How you pay is your problem, you just have to pay, that's all. However I fear even that, is too hard for the soft, fat, responsibility-averse westerner, so instead we end up bribing the stupid and the insolent with cash prizes and lollies for behaving themselves. I hope the productive base has strong backs, because there are many, many more clambering onto their backs.

And it won't end there folks, if the people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, an unwanted side-effect of the state herding/nannying you around will be the loss of your Liberty. You see that last bit about 'encouraging'? How do you think the state is going to know that your fat ass isn't looking so big in that pair of pants anymore. If they're paying you to eat healthy, they'll have to come around to your house regularly, we just want to see what's in the fridge fatboy, it won't take long. That's right, we're paying you to move your fat ass girlfriend, so we want you to strap this here GPS unit to one of your ample calves, to make sure you attend fat camp every weekend and take the required number of steps. Like I posted about this a while back, give up your responsibility and you have to give up your liberty.

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