So Much for the Education Revolution

kevin_rudd.jpgLiveNews - Kevin Rudd’s education revolution has been taken a step back, cutting down an education fund he originally supported. The $1.2 billion dollar kitty was designed to give schools quick cash injections for upgrades. Shadow Education Minister Tony Smith says it's a bout of pure hypocrisy. “At no point through last year, did [the Rudd] say he would axe the program.”

I tried to find some more news on it, but none of the other outlets are carrying the story, so I'm not sure if it's true. If it is, I'm not surprised, as each day rolls around the Rudd government is looking more and more like a sham government. A lot of waffling on Kyoto, all that happened was an agreement to waffle some more in a few years time; waffling and wailing over the whales, another sham, I think the "monitoring" ship has finally shuffled off in a southerly direction. Interest rates, first they said the banks had to and to just suck it up, then the treasurer woke up and screamed [exaggeration] at the next lot of banks that jacked them up. Petrol and groceries, still the same or more, I heard the other day the number of bankruptcies have gone up, so much for working families. So I wouldn't be surprised if the PCs and solar panels fail to turn up. Hope you ain't holding out for that June/July taxcut, I have a feeling we'll be longing for the then-scorned pie-and-chips taxcuts of the old days.

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