Shock/Horror - Leftists want to Coddle Criminals

LiveNews - Criminals sentenced to periodic detention could avoid prison time under a plan being considered by the New South Wales cabinet. A report from the Sentencing Council, recommends scrapping weekend and mid week jail sentences and replacing them with community supervision orders. The orders include home curfews, electronic monitoring and impromptu drug tests.

See, first they said jail was too hard for these criminals, don't treat them like animals, we're being mean and nasty, punishment never works, oh the poor criminals, let's coddle them instead. I have no idea when this weekend detention thing started, but looking back now, I'd say it was started as a halfway measure to full release, like an inverse of the "go directly to jail" card, because people wouldn't stand for the removal of punishment completely, that was then.

NSW Attorney General John Hatzistergos says it doesn't work for people in regional areas. “If a person for example is otherwise suitable for periodic detention in a location such as Albury then they haven’t got transport, so they won’t be able to undertake periodic detention because the nearest centre is quite some distance away.”

Oh what a shame, no public transport, let's just try and understand the plight of the poor criminals ey, I'm surprised these leftists haven't proposed government funded limos to transport the scum to and from weekend detention. I would have thought that if they can't get to weekend detention, then they should spend the whole week in jail then, roll it all up into one long stint, but no, that'll never do, because you see leftists only want to coddle criminal scum, always have and always will.

You watch, if they put this into place, it won't be long before they water it down to such an extent that the criminals simply won't be punished at all. This is what happens when you hand over your guns Australia, when you ask the state to look after you, they won't give you your guns back and neither will they give you security. Expect things to get much, much worse before we wake up, and even then you won't be able to do a lot, because once you make the mistake of letting leftists have an inch, you'll be fighting to get a mile back.

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