What Should Have Happened to Those Dumbfuck Sea Shepherd Protesters

It really is quite simple:

Illegally boarding a ship in international waters


Deliberately trying to damage ships


Throwing acid at the crew of various ships


Flying a pirate flag



And the proper way to deal with piracy is of course:

The Japanese should have thrown ropes around the necks of those two fuckheads, tied one end to the railing, and then shoved them over the side. That is the only way to deal with criminal filth like Sea Shepherd. Unfortunately the Japanese were too weak and have handed them over.

So to compensate, I will be writing to the Japanese, Icelandic, and Norwegian embassies (and any other nation thinking about doing some whaling), urging them to increase their whale kill quotas. Should they decrease the number of whales they kill, they will be vindicating these acts of piracy. This must not be allowed to happen and a strong message must be sent to eco-terrorists like the Sea Shepherd criminals - namely that their illegal activities will have the opposite effect they intend.

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