The Milk has been Spilt - The latest survey of consumer confidence conducted by the Melbourne Institute shows the optimism of Labor voters slumped 11.5 per cent last month, nearly double the 5.9 per cent fall among Coalition voters. Confidence in the economy overall has dropped 8.3 per cent with the index standing at 103.1points, its lowest level since November 1996, when it dropped to 95 points following an interest rate increase.

The December survey, taken in the wake of the election, showed a huge 15.6 per cent leap in confidence among Labor voters and an even larger 16.2 per cent fall among Coalition supporters. Labor voters have come back to earth, recording a standing of 107 on the Melbourne Institute index, while Coalition voters stood at 98, indicating a clear majority of Coalition voters are pessimistic about the economic outlook.

I'm thinking those Coalition voters have been burnt before and know that they probably will again. I think the leftie sheeple are starting to see the lack of depth and talent now that the euphoria has died down. I mean look at the incredibly intelligent ideas being thrown around by the glorious new government, vote with your feet, hit the ground running, end the blame-game, saying sorry, I have confidence we won't be sued and sing kumbaya, yeah, real confidence-boosters those. They might as well just come out and say, she'll be right, to the nation. Anyway it's a bit late now, buckle up folks, you have three years to learn the lesson. Image thanks to Michele.

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