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Folks, you may have noticed a new addition over on the left to our Staff Writers list. One of our regulars, Eugene, has joined the team and you should see his ramblings every now and then in the coming weeks, the more the merrier, but as we all know the pay is terrible and the benefits are laughable, so our demands on his time are somewhat hobbled.

A bit about Eugene, he hates leftists [my assumption] and metrosexual pansies, he likes red meat, his hobbies include beating leftists and hunting them over the weekends with a .50 cal machine gun mounted on the roof of his gas-guzzling humvee with the American flag flying proud, as it should be. I feel sorry for the America-hating leftie scum that keep slithering around here, nah... not really, as Eugene kicks into gear over the next few months and finds you on his crosshairs, it really will suck to be you.

So join me folks, in welcoming Eugene to the gang/rabble/posse/militia/trenches...

Yes, I realize I mentioned something about trivia in the heading, but er, well... I just threw that in for effect OK, it rhymed to me alright...

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