More Government Nannying

The last time I drove in Victoria, Australia, I was on the verge of pulling my teeth out, on all the roads I drove on the maximum speed was 100km/h and I was warned that doing 103km/h would result in nothing less than summary execution. Yet the last time I checked, Victoria always has the highest number of fatalities during the Christmas holiday period, obviously more nannying and restrictions are necessary, it's only for government vehicles now, but just you wait.
Yahoo!7 News - About 50 cars in Victoria will be fitted with satellite speed control devices as part of a government trial. The intelligent speed adaptation device has been developed in Melbourne and is being trialed in four other states. It warns drivers of excessive speed and can control a vehicle's acceleration. Paul Dawson, the executive director of Speedshield, the company manufacturing the device says it has the potential to drastically reduce the number of speed-related deaths on Victorian roads. "When you reach the speed limit it starts to back your throttle off and maintain like it was cruise control," he said.
Are they for real? Whenever I'm driving in the country, I always come across city drivers who don't know how to overtake slow moving vehicles. It's an exercise in frustration, we're all like some sort of 5-10 car convoy heading warily up to Baghdad, the lead vehicle doing 95 in the 100 zone, but that's fine with me, what really pisses me off is when the overtaking lane arrives, this lead vehicle magically finds the extra 6/7 km/h. The person behind him trying to overtake is terrified of catching a fine and so slowly passes at around 106 km/h, ensuring folks like me are sweating to make it past slow-coach. So those of us who can do it, overtake when there is an opening, gunning it many klicks over the limit, because you can't be waffling around in the oncoming lane due to the speed limit.

Imagine the trouble you'd be in when you step out and as you pull abreast of slow-coach, nanny steps in and starts shafting your engine power, then a semi-trailer appears and the gap behind slow-coach closes up, can you sing Kumbaya!!! Naturally these nannying bastards will tell you, not to overtake at all, you shouldn't have any balls son, you should sit behind slow-coach like good little sheeple and take a break instead. No one thinks big of you, your trip will just take days and the lot of you will be bored to tears, but too bad son, because we don't encourage people to think for themselves, learn to bloody drive and take responsibility.

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