hysterical and dishonest

Headlines on News.com this morning:
"Nazi race riot plot for Australia Day
By Joe Hildebrand
* Secret riot plan disgusts veterans
* Protests planned against Islamic school
* Far-Right groups have anti-police booklets
WHITE supremacists are plotting to use Cronulla riot-style tactics to hijack Australia Day celebrations across Sydney - including a plan to push their racist views at the sacred Anzac Cenotaph at Hyde Park."
The Cronulla riot was a largely spontaneous expression of anger against the behaviour of muslim Lebanes youths who'd made life a misery for people at Cronulla and who had assaulted lifeguards and spat on bikini-clad girls at that beach--something that appears to slipped down the lefty memory hole.
"The far-Right groups even promote an online handbook on how to combat police and avoid detection and infiltration when holding such meetings."
Gasp! The horror! A HANDBOOK no less! Not that leftists and anarchists and assorted enviroloonies would ever resort to such a thing, of course... and he makes much of the fact that said handbook contains numerous grammatical errors. Unlike those lefty pro-union and greenie demonstrators, who always display such impeccable spelling and grammar with their protest banners. It seems that mastery of the English language is a passport to respectability--when it suits.
"Another organiser promotes using tactics similar to the 2005 Cronulla riot, when en masse text messages were used to swamp the beach with violent thugs intent on bashing anyone of ethnic appearance."
The "en-masse text messages" were used mainly by muslim youths to rally thugs from their ghettoes in order to form convoys and travel to various Sydney suburbs (in one case, complete with a police escort) in order to find and beat up white-looking Australians.
That memory hole again, eh?
Nobody could ever accuse Hildebrand of being one of News.com's "must read" columnists at the best of times, but with this item he's really bumping along the bottom.
There's nothing revealed in the article to support that headline. The article itself is a mish-mash of half truths and wild allegations.

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