You can't trust your schools anymore - MORE than one NSW public school teacher a week is reported for sexual misconduct with students - ranging from inappropriate sexual comments to carrying on illicit affairs. Documents obtained by The Sunday Telegraph under Freedom of Information laws reveal 151 teachers were investigated by the NSW Department of Education's Child Protection Investigation Unit in the past two years.

Misconduct allegations were sustained in 26 cases, resulting in the sacking of 18 teachers, seven of whom were convicted of criminal charges in the courts. Another 40 teachers, just under a third of cases, were found to have breached some department rules but investigators determined they were not guilty of misconduct. More of the gory details at the source.
You know how the Christian-hating types always like to point the finger at and smear the whole church for molesting children, well it looks more and more like they've got some major kiddie-fiddling issues amongst their teaching buddies. It was never quite like this back when I was in school, and my gut feeling on this is that this unhealthy interest in children started on or after the take over of public education by leftists, marxists, closet-communists and anti-capitalism types. I don't know if anyone's done an actual study or done some research into this matter, but from my own anecdotal research, I've seen plenty of news articles of teachers trying to fiddle with their students and it's not getting any better. So be warned folks.


  1. You can't trust the ones who aren't kiddie-fiddlers either - they want to fill your child's head with crap:

    SCHOOL students will learn about Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, Chinese medicine and natural therapies but not meet the periodic table of elements until Year 10 under the new national science curriculum.

  2. I heard a bit about it ar, dumbing down the next generation eh. Far easier to get into power when you have ignorant people voting eh.

    After all that's how good ol kevvie made it into the top job, by pretending something he never will be.

  3. I suspect a large part of the problem is the sexualising of children. The teachers are misbehaving, but can we know for sure that the children aren't also?

    I know of one teacher who did time for inappropriate behaviour with a student, but from all accounts, there was a bit of mutuality there. Said student had had a crush on him a couple of years before the accusations were made, and there were quite a few emails between them.

    Older teenaged girls are not always innocent.

    When it comes to primary school, with the teaching of sexuality education, and the State's insistence on children being taught damned near everything, it's nowhere near as cut and dried as it used to be.

    When I was in primary school, I never saw anything untoward.

    In high school, there was one teacher who was considered a pervert. He was the one who would drop a pen in front of a girl's desk and then tell her to pick it up, and then he'd try and look up her skirt or down her shirt.

    That was as far as it got, and he was considered relatively harmless. I never heard any complaints of him apart from trying to ogle.

    Not bad for 12 years of schooling.

    My girl's in her 3rd year of schooling, and last year (grade 1) I had to deal with an older boy rubbing himself over her.

    Seriously gross, but it got dealt with.


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