Iran - The penny finally drops

Fox News - President Obama said Tuesday that he's "bent over backwards" to engage Iran in "constructive" dialogue and the United States will push the United Nations to sanction the country, which has begun enriching uranium to levels capable of making an atomic bomb.
Oh yeah, he's definitely bent over, that's for sure, looking at the glorious messiah obama bending this way and bending that way to various people and nations has saved me a lot of money. You see I've always want to go and watch one of those Cirque du Soleil shows, but not after watching the great Baaaarrrrraaaakkkkkk hussein Obama in action.

Damn that homey can bend and best of all, it's free!
Obama told reporters during a rare press conference Tuesday that the U.S. is developing a "significant regime of sanctions" in response to the Islamic Republic's move to enrich uranium to 20 percent purity level in defiance of world powers.
Ooohhhh my, strong, strong, strong words, I can almost hear the loosening of collective bowels over in Persia. Those mullahs must be rushing for the nearest toilet after that.

And what do they mean by 'rare press conference', isn't obama always prattling on about this and that on most channels, explaining his grand utopian plans to those 'stupid' Americans who just keep banging on about liberty and what not? Maybe they meant a press conference without his beloved teleprompter, yeah that would be rare.
"That indicates to us that despite their posturing that their nuclear power is only for, for civilian use that they in fact continue to pursue a course that would lead to weaponization," Obama said. "That is not acceptable to the international community.
Wow, the penny has finally dropped, took how many years again for the Democrats to figure out their ass from their elbow on the Iranians real intentions? I'm guessing about as long it'll take for the "significant regime of sanctions" to finally make it into the light of day.
Obama said the process toward adding new sanctions is moving along quickly, but he gave no specific timeline.
At this rate, by the time obama and his gang of worthless weasels figures out their ass from their elbow and decide to finally use force to stop Iran, one or possibly two American cities will be reduced to a radioactive wasteland.

Next time Barry, may I suggest you use the words 'strong' or 'powerful', maybe even 'fearsome' or 'thunderous' because you know, a 'thunderous regime of sanctions' just sounds better and I'm sure it'll scare those mullahs even more.

Well probably not, but hey, it'll be good for a laugh, no?


  1. "Bent over backwards"? That's not how you'd describe a curtsey. Oh well, at least he's got something to take the attention off his failing agenda and plummeting popularity...

  2. I fear the popularity death spiral for the messiah has started ar. Same for the preening gasbag out here.

  3. Mom-mooed Ahma-wackjob is pushing for a nuke.
    The Iranians launched a rocket into Earth orbit.
    All the media are ignoring it or laughing, but one nuke in orbit (EMP) would ruin a LOT of people's day.

    This is serious shit, and Pharaoh is going to have a lot of blood on his hands before he's done.
    Luckily, he's no Lady MacBeth...that requires a conscience.


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