Lying, shameless sacks of shit!

Fox News - As senators, Barack Obama and Joe Biden both opposed the troop surge in Iraq -- and Biden even wanted to divide the country into three sections. But as vice president, Biden is taking credit for success in Iraq. "I am very optimistic about Iraq," he said. "I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration." But Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, a member of the Armed Services Committee, said you cannot oppose the surge and then claim it for your legacy.

"When Joe Biden was in the Senate and Obama was in the Senate, they authored and were the chief architect of the resolution opposing the surge," he said. The vice president also took credit for the troop drawdown. "You're going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer," he said. "You're going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government." But the drawdown was negotiated in the Status of Forces Agreement before the Obama administration took office. Hat tip Chuck Thinks Right.

What are these pricks going to claim next, that they brayed for the enforcement of UN inspections, sanctions and demanded that Bush take out Saddam and end the tyranny of the Baathists! The gall and utter lack of shame is astounding, according to obama's human teleprompter robert gibbs, Obama helped provide critical "political pressure" on Iraq policy before taking office. Really, I'd like to know what exactly he did, unless gibbs like clinton thought that obama was the coffee boy and thought he brought some to that.... you know, critical meeting.


  1. This is pure evil leftism on display.

  2. Standard leftist behaviour. Rewrite history, or leave out the bits that don't agree with your agenda. It was well-practised in the old Soviet Union, and still goes on in the Despot Dictatorship, oops, I mean People's Republic, of China.

  3. Indeed folks, at least a few in the media are starting to question them when they tell such obvious lies.


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