Obama's dream for health care in America

Daily Mail - Confused and in pain, 80-year-old Doris McKeown is kept in a hospital cupboard while she awaits emergency surgery. The pensioner was stored away for 48 hours in a tiny windowless room, with only shelves of hospital supplies for company. On the door outside was a sign saying 'Dignity in Care'.

...The mother of two said: 'It was a relief to be in hospital as I knew it was a serious condition, but in the middle of the night I was transferred to a storeroom off the main ward because they hadn't got enough beds. It was like a broom cupboard.' When she was seen by the consultant, he had to squeeze in with two other doctors and Mrs McKeown's daughter Dr Helena McKeown... The consultant didn't seem surprised, it seemed to happen regularly,' said Mrs McKeown, whose late husband Joe was a newspaper photographer.

When you think about it, this is really what obama wants for the whole of America, not just healthcare in America.

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