The new short cut to Australia - AUTHORITIES have intercepted a suspected asylum seeker boat in waters off Australia's northwest coast. The boat was intercepted by HMAS Armidale at 11am (AEDT) today about 11 nautical miles (20km) north of the Ashmore Islands, the federal government said. Initial indications suggest 89 passengers and four crew were on board the vessel. The group will be transferred to Christmas Island where they will undergo security, identity and health checks and their reasons for travel will be established.
I heard yesterday that around 90 were granted asylum in Australia and will be flown here on a charter flight. Hows that for rolling out the red carpet. Free food, room, board, phones, internet, healthcare etc and to top it all off a fast track to citizenship. I honestly don't know why we bother with bullshit health checks and what not, does anyone know of any of these people being turned away?

And what's this shit about authorities intercepting, what they are forced to do is become the welcoming brigade and the escorting service for future labor-voters. Seriously, have any illegals been denied a fast-track to Australia under the krudd government, if so, is that why they're coming almost every week now, because the krudd government is oh-so tough on illegal immigrants? I still remember that scumbag telling us how people smugglers are the scum of the earth and they can burn (or was it 'rot') in hell.

The other thing is that krudd is braying at us on one hand that we're all going to roast in hell or drown by the rising oceans if he isn't allowed to tax the shit out of us, and yet he is presiding over ever-increasing immigration. Don't the new people don't emit any carbon, are they all organic farmers or something? Just the other day he was prattling on about how the old folks are growing and someone's got to pay for all the social services. Well, who the heck is paying for the asylum seekers, krudd's effing garden fairies?

You know I've heard a lot of gasbags in my time, but this windbag really takes the cake. And where's our media in all this, oh yeah covering more important shit, like taking pictures of Tony Abbott's underwear, plastering it on the front pages and telling us how we don't want to see it with a straight face. That and shamefully painting a fellow standing in the way of their boy krudd from taxing the shit out of us as some sort of crazed lunatic.

They ought to be calling krudd on his lying and weaseling at every turn, instead they're standing by and letting him piss this country down the toilet.


  1. Talking about "painting a fellow", ABC "News" showed a quick segment of some political art exhibition. As you can imagine there were many entries featuring Tony Abbott in various ecclesiastical poses. Creative minds think in lockstep, eh? The organiser rued the fact that not one entry concerned itself with Krunt. Fair enough, he is a boring shit.

  2. LOL

    That would have pained krunt to no end ar. We all know how fragile he really is.

  3. All about Abbott, which shows he is having some impact on the looney left!

  4. Hi MK. Not sure if you want to here from someone like me, since I voted for KRudd in the last election, but I'm furios with this fucking government. I've never considered myself a Leftist, more a centrist, but I've begun to see how good we had it under the Howard years. I'm still kicking myself for voting for a change last time around. This immigration issue is the one that really melts my brian - fucking cue-jumper scum who don't belong here being given a free ride and a free ticket in to a land we toil hard every day to make better. And what have any of them every done, except call us racist in their newspapers. Sorry for rambling, but I hopped you appreciate a bit of an insight into the growing number of people like me who made a grave mistake and won't be doing so again at the next pole. Onward to victory Abbott and let's get this once great nation of OURS, not theirs, back on the right track.

  5. Hi 2right, and welcome to the land of Unexpected Consequences.

    If it's any consolation, I voted against Jeff Kennett way back in 1999, and we're still suffering under more than a decade of socialist government Labor crap.

    Marvellous Melbourne, my foot!

    Don't beat yourself up, just move on (not .org) and don't make the same mistake again. :)


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