Encouraging savagery over progress

News.com.au - AN Australian woman is one of two foreign activists arrested by Israel's military in a pre-dawn raid in the occupied West Bank. Soldiers raided an apartment in the town of Ramallah about 3am on Sunday (1200 AEDT) and arrested the two activists, Bridgette Chappell of Australia and Ariadna Jove Marti of Spain, according to the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

...The Israeli military said the two were arrested for "staying in Israel illegally'' and transferred to the custody of the interior ministry. "One of them was holding fake documents and the other's visa had expired,'' a military spokesman said, without providing further details. ...Neta Golan, an Israeli co-founder of the ISM, admitted the two had overstayed their tourist visas but insisted their arrest was aimed at curbing protests against Israeli policies.
Well there you go, cut your whining and piss off out of Israel, your visas expired so they have every right to kick your ass out. I must say though, I'm not terribly excited that she's been kicked out, knowing these types, it's most likely she'll be back in Australia sucking at the taxpayer via the welfare queue soon enough.

That's what these types are usually up to, leeching and sponging off as much as they can. In all honesty she should have been over there in palestine telling those backward savages to get with the rest of civilization, they've had that Gaza strip for how long now and it remains just another useless and dangerous shithole in the middle east.

How many millions have been poured into Palestine and to no effect. I say, point to the following example and tell them to wake up to themselves and do something for their children.
Aol News - Israel is on schedule to inaugurate a revolutionary electric car grid with dozens of recharge stations and thousands of cars on the road by next year, the project's developers said Sunday. The California-based company Better Place hopes Israel's model will lead a shift toward electric transportation worldwide.

Between 70 and 100 recharge stations will open across the country by 2011 to service a fleet of electric vehicles, the company announced at a news conference unveiling a visitor center north of Tel Aviv.
Instead of hating on Israel, make something of yourselves, give something to your children, contribute something to the world, unless off course you are simply incapable of it and primitive savagery is all there is in Palestine.

On a side note, it's interesting that the California-based company couldn't do this back in their home state. I wonder if those left-leaning government types in California got in their way, no job is better than any job, too many government regulations or something like that.

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